Arbiter is a cloud native framework for integrating video conferencing within existing web applications that can be deployed to AWS with a single command. Arbiter is ideal for web applications that need to quickly and easily add support for real-time video communication for many users across many rooms simultaneously.

Technologies Used

WebRTC, WebSocket, Node.js, Golang, React, AWS Lambda, AWS ECS, DynamoDB

Other Projects

  • Arbiter Landing Page

    A modern and responsive design that serves as the landing page for the Arbiter Framework.

  • UNO

    An online-multiplayer version of the classic card game built on Node.js, React, and WebSockets.

  • Dreamcatcher

    A full-stack application built on Node.js and Express to allow the creation of dynamic URL endpoints to collect HTTP or webhook requests and inspect them in a human-friendly way.

  • Outer Rim

    A full-stack, classic Science Fiction message-board built on Ruby and Sinatra.